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Isabella Dominguez '18, Staff Writer

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San Diego, like a majority of the United States, is a melting pot. The county has a rich, exciting, and diverse history, and these listed locations are no exception:

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Carlsbad Flower Fields

It is officially spring! And there is no better place to celebrate this beautiful season than the Carlsbad Flower Fields. More than fifty acres of flowers in beautiful pink, red, yellow, white, orange, and many more are waiting to be seen.

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The Baked Bear

This is the time of year where people find themselves heading to the gym and drinking juice cleanses to get that bikini body. But a mouthwatering ice cream sandwich shop might put those plans on hold. The Baked Bear is located in Pacific Beach, Petco Park, La Costa, Carmel Valley, and Carmel Mountain. Needless to say, The Baked Bear is a SoCal phenomenon. Cofounders Shane Stanger and Rob Robbins are on a mission to spread joy and bring a smile to every customer’s face, one ice cream sandwich at a time.

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Buona Forchetta

MAMMA MIA! Buona Forchetta is by far one of the best Italian restaurants in San Diego. It is located at 3001 Beech St., San Diego, CA 92102 in South Park. Sofia, the owner, bakes delicious pizzas all day long. Make sure to try out each and every one of the plates. Ciao Bella!

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Thousand Steps Beach

Who needs a boyfriend when you always have a beach by your side? Well technically it is an hour or so away from San Diego, but Laguna Beach has it all! It is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Seriously, when people say hidden, they mean it: you have to walk down more than 200 steps just to get to the beach. Once you get there, walk a few steps to the left and you will be faced with caves and amazing tidepools. The location is 9th Ave & Pacific Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92652. Have fun and surf’s up!

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Kelsey Brookes’s Mural  

Kelsey Brookes, who first started his career as a biochemist, is now a renowned artist whose work has appeared throughout San Diego. One of his murals is in La Jolla, located at 7835 Ivanhoe Ave. His mural in La Jolla is based on his knowledge of scientific drawings and his studies on molecular structure. Kelsey is recognized for his album cover designs for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Flaming Lips.

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