Shining the Spotlight on Sophia

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Shining the Spotlight on Sophia

Nicole Stepovich ‘19

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An Indie singer with a unique California twist that can’t be found anywhere else. Who could this possibly describe?  None other than OLP’s own Sophia Bacino ‘19, a standout singer, songwriter, and musician. Music is more than just a pastime for Sophia, it is her passion. As she puts it: “[music] truly is a magical experience.” Her acoustic vibe together with original songs really makes her music unique. Sophia can normally be found harmonizing songs or performing onstage at local gigs, like at the Del Mar Fair. This is all part of her musical journey, and one that is far from over.

It started when Sophia was seven years old.  Inspired by Taylor Swift, she began singing, and a year later started to write her own songs. Now, she can play the piano, ukulele, and guitar; but of course, she wants to learn how to play more instruments. Attempting to describe the process of creating a song, Sophia explained that “it’s kind of something that happens all at once.” She records voice memos that have distinct melodies, but the lyrics are not quite there yet.  Then, as she describes it, “a wave of inspiration comes over me and an idea is born.” It definitely is hard to explain how the process works, especially because it varies from song to song. She created her song “Cupid Take It Back” over the course of a week, but another original song of hers named “Indigo” only took about thirty minutes. One thing that is for certain is that she absolutely loves writing songs. Sophia says that writing a song “has to come naturally. Yet it is definitely a skill that can grow and strengthen.”


By far the most exciting event that is coming up for Sophia is the release of her album, Love Potion.  She was more than happy to share the album’s focal point, which just so happens to be relationships. Sophia mentioned that during a relationship “your heart and your brain circle around someone or something, and sometimes it’s scary or nerve-wracking.” The album is cleverly arranged in the stages of a relationship, from beginning to end.  There is a lot of hard work that has to be put into the making of an album. This is without a doubt a major milestone for her, which is why Sophia is ecstatic that her album is going to be released soon.

Looking forward, Sophia hopes to center her life around music. She claims that she “owes a lot of [her] personality, friends, sound, and happiness to music.” Sophia’s music is available at and can also be found by looking up “Sophia Bacino” on YouTube. Sophia stated that knowing that people are listening to her music makes her “the happiest person on earth.” In the meantime, Sophia will continue to perform at gigs around San Diego and is preparing for her album release party (the dates of these events can be found on her website).

Del Mar Fair Performance

Sophia’s YouTube Channel

Photos by Denis Anderson Photography

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