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Spring Sing: A Look Behind the Scenes

Mariela Lopez-Oviedo ‘19, Staff Writer

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Spring Sing has always been valued greatly by not only the OLP community, but also the local community. The annual performances first started in 1970 when Sister Mary Sheila, the principal at the time, decided to create a fun and entertaining activity for students at the Academy to showcase their creativity. She hoped it would become a valued activity in the future and it definitely has. The friendly competition has become such a big hit at Balboa Theatre that the showing time expanded from being only one night to two nights. Spring Sing can mean a variety of things to the different participants and viewers, including a fun time for cheer and a lot of hard work, but what does it really mean to OLP students?

“Spring Sing is a time of the year for class bonding and sisterhood strengthening through creativity with music, dance, and writing. The energy it brings is absolutely priceless. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you won or not because of the friendships that were made or grown.” -Sophia Bacino, Director, class of 2019.

“Spring Sing is my favorite activity. No kidding, it’s the reason why I came to OLP. And I know this school is academically challenging, but I love Spring Sing because it’s a time to bond with your sisters. It’s also a place whether you’re talented or not you can still participate, and it builds unity and lets you have fun.” -Alexa Gonzalez, Secretary, class of 2017.

Spring Sing is great commitment, especially for the leadership team of each class which includes directors, music coordinators, prop coordinators, costume coordinators, dance choreographers, and secretaries.

“Spring Sing is definitely a huge responsibility, but also a great opportunity to really learn how to be a leader and get to know my classmates. It can be crazy at times, but I really think this gives me the chance to learn how to be more responsible in a creative, artistic way because honestly, music means the world to me so this is sort of like having fun with your job.” -Julianna Padilla, Music Coordinator, class of 2020.

For the chorus and dancers, attendance is crucial, especially because a few missing people can affect the whole organization of the performance; every single participant in spring sing has a big role when everything comes together, and especially when the classes compete for Best Theme, Best Costumes, Best Props, Best Script, Best Acting, Best Chorus, Best Singing, Best Dancing, Best of Show, and overall winner of Spring Sing.

This year, there were over 300 participants. Every OLP student and family was extremely excited to see the results and the outcome of Spring Sing on February 24th and February 25th. This year’s theme was landmarks; the freshmen took the crowd to the Eiffel Tower, sophomores to Buckingham Palace, juniors to Chichen Itza, and seniors to Easter Island. The majority of the students were mainly excited about getting ready to perform, doing their makeup, taking pictures to capture priceless memories, and seeing what the other classes had been preparing for weeks.

“I’m most excited to see the other grades’ performances. It’s nice to see how hard everyone has been working. I’m especially excited to be in the dressing rooms the nights of the shows. It’s so much fun and so many fun memories are made.” -Ariana Martinez, Costume Coordinator, class of 2018.

The results for this year’s show were outstanding due to each of the students’ dedication and hard work. This year became the first year in which OLP gave out a sisterhood award given to Emma Gronstad from the class of 2019 for her collaboration with all four class. Every class also nominated a Miss Spring Sing and this year, the winners were Katie Marie Zucherburg ’20, Kaseba Gilinsky ‘19, Marissa Hernandez ’18, and Katia Lopez’ 17. Sophomores became the overall winners for Spring Sing 2017 by winning Best Script, Best Dancing, Best in Show, Best Props, Best Acting, and their Best in Show: “the Pink Panther.” The freshmen took the award for Best Theme and their Best in Show song was “Frere Jacques.” The juniors received Best Costumes with their Best in Show: “Mayan Legend” (an original song written by Emory Standifer ‘18). Finally, the Seniors, being their last year of Spring Sing, received the awards for Best Singing and Best Chorus with their Best in Show: “Wayfaring Stranger.”

This student-run musical performance is one of the most cherished events for OLP students, mainly because it is an exciting way for students to bond, create great memories, showcase their creativity, and have a little friendly competition.

All photos by Mariela Lopez-Oviedo ‘19


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Spring Sing: A Look Behind the Scenes