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6 Alternatives to the Daily Cup(s) of Coffee

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1: Exercise

  • A light workout in the morning will get your endorphins going, so get out of bed, do some pushups, jumping jacks, or go on a quick run. A light workout is sure to help you get a good night’s sleep.

The Adventure Fitness class visited Orange Theory Fitness to take a workout class.

2: Water, water, water

  • Drinking water in the morning gets rid of the dehydration your body experienced during your sleep. The benefits of water are endless and it is important to avoid dehydration, which’s first sign is fatigue.

Diana drinking water INSTEAD of coffee to acquire energy for her busy schedule

3: Do “nut” skip breakfast

  • Hunger can lead to low energy: therefore, eat. Eating foods high in fiber like oatmeal with berries or an avocado toast can be your healthy alternative to the usual cup of coffee. Eating a handful of almonds or peanuts is a also a good way to receive nutrients since your body can turn into energy and help you feel more alert.

Senior Julia Lamas eating energy pistachios during first block 🙂

4: Listen to your favorite song

  • Setting your alarm to your favorite song can make waking up a bit easier. Getting ready to music can give you “a kind of emotional high while it reduces levels of stress hormones in your body.” according to

5: Avoid long naps

  • Have you ever lie down to take a 20 minute nap, believing you will wake up with all the energy in the world? Has that nap turned into a 2 hour nap that you don’t want to wake up from? Avoid long naps throughout the day and try setting an alarm so you go through taking 20-30 minute naps instead.

6: Do not use technology before bed

  • Using your phone one hour before bed can make your brain believe it needs to stay awake. This can affect the sleep hormone, melatonin, which regulates sleep. The solution, which may seem radical, should be not using your phone one hour before sleeping.

Ms.Cabrera using technology throughout the day, so she can get a good night’s sleep 😉


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6 Alternatives to the Daily Cup(s) of Coffee