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Foods To Avoid

Julia Lamas

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Deciding what to eat can be impossible sometimes, do you want something salty or sweet? Do you want a small portion or the entire refrigerator? Will you get bloated or wake up with a few little red friends on your face? Lucky for you, this article will tell you which foods to steer clear of since bloating, acne, and heartburn are no one’s favorite things on the earth. Besides me.

While eating good food is extremely satisfying, walking around looking like you’re pregnant with triplets after a hearty meal can send the wrong message. Foods like pizza, canned soup, protein bars, and beans can cause the dreaded abdominal discomfort known as bloating. If you are experiencing this menacing pain, it has been said that the following foods can reverse the symptoms of bloating. Try honeydew, kiwi, pineapple, eggs, almonds, or green beans to relieve the agony of what feels like your intestines twisting and wrapping around each other.

Pizza is great and all, but do you really want the grease and oils and carbs popping up on your face the next day in the form of a pimple? Not the best way to remember a piece of pizza. Other foods that cause acne include bread, potato chips, milk chocolate, and ice cream. Eating these foods is basically embarking on a fast track to acne breakouts, so buckle up if you eat these regularly. If festering pores aren’t your cup of tea, green tea, broccoli, kale, carrots, and kiwi are all foods that are beneficial for your skin – pimples aren’t always the best of friends anyways.

Taking care of your body is important. Even though it seems like if you don’t get all A’s you’ll die, physical health leads to stable mental health. Look out for your body as well as you look out for your grades.

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Foods To Avoid