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Mindfulness & Meditation

Kylie Greene

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Mindfulness. Being fully present, aware of our surroundings, and accepting of all of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Being mindful can benefit us in many ways and can allow us to discover the peace within ourselves.

Mindfulness is always available to us. It requires us to simply focus on the present and our current state. Ms. Cuaresma and Ms. Boettger, teachers at OLP, have plenty of insight on mindfulness and often practice being mindful in their own ways.

When asked how mindfulness can benefit you, Ms. Cuaresma said, “Mindfulness will help you be more calm and at ease. It will help you be less forgetful and allow you to improve your work.” She also shared that she attempts to practice mindfulness in her everyday tasks. When Ms. Cuaresma is with people, she puts her phone away. She is also very effective in her planning, for example with her meal plans or her tasks for the week. Ms. Cuaresma works to be intentional with everything that she does, and to focus on the one thing that she is doing. She explains, “I set time aside to be with people or to complete a task, so when I do these things, I am focused only on that.”

As a yoga teacher, Ms. Cuaresma enjoys meditating daily. She sets aside ten minutes each day to go outside on her patio to sit, and be present. She recommends dedicating some time of your day to do this, and to go someplace outside of where you normally work. This will allow you to take a break from the stress, and help you feel calm. Ms. Cuaresma shares, “When you force yourself to do this, the dust will settle around you and you will begin to see things clearer.”

Ms. Boettger serves as a perfect example of someone who has learned about the importance of mindfulness through her own experiences, and who continues to remind herself to be mindful daily. She shares that her recent biking accident changed her mindset regarding living in the present, and not worrying about the past nor the future. Ms. Boettger explains, “Since my accident, I really started trying to see the positive in things and I try to find the fun or happiness in whatever it is that I’m doing, even if it’s a dreaded task. It makes life so much more enjoyable to me, and so much more enjoyable for the people around me as well.” As a result of her mindset and outlook on life, Ms. Boettger has developed into a much happier and more peaceful person.

Ms. Boettger strongly encourages the practice of mindfulness to us OLP students, as we encounter a great amount of stress and anxiety in our daily lives. She explains, “We waste so much of our lives worrying about what’s to come, or worrying about what happened in the past, that we miss out on so many great moments that are right in front of us.” Ms. Boettger advises us to find something good in every task that we take on. If we do so, and focus on the present, we will find ourselves to be more content and tranquil than ever.

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Mindfulness & Meditation