Where the Wild Things Are

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By: Julia Espinosa

As the winter comes to a end, everyone is trading their UGG Boots for sandals and their pants for skirts. However, here at the Academy, we trade our sneakers for dance shoes and our uniforms for leotards.

Spring Sing is a wonderful OLP tradition which allows the women to embody grace, leadership and creativity.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes is a little bit different. Ever heard of sibling rivalry? Imagine that times 50 added by 10. Us young ladies here at the Academy take sibling rivalry to a brand new level. Between the 3-4 hour after school practices to the quick 30 minutes at lunch, we are always on our toes. This years overall theme is “Where the Wild Things Are.” The fresh new freshies were given pegasus. The superb sophomores were given aliens; jazzy juniors are dragons. And last, most definitely not least, we have the sassy, splendid and spunky seniors as mermaids.

After all of the classes orchestrated on a wonderful and creative production, the class of 2019 took home the gold with first place. Nonetheless, this is nothing but a little (somewhat) friendly , traditional competition between all of the sisters at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

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