Health Benefits of Acai: What you Might Not Know

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Acai Bowls: we all eat them. They are delicious, sweet and taste amazing any time of day. Acai berries, originated in Central and South America, mostly in the Amazon Rain forest. However, they have become highly popular and are now shipped all over the world so that people can now enjoy them in the comfort of their own home. This superfood can be blended into different smoothies, as well as fruit bowls. They have also been known to have numerous health benefits. Here are five  incredible health benefits:

Healthy Skin

The oils from the acai berry help cleanse the skin as well as leaving it moisturized. The antioxidants in this berry help your skin feel healthy and clean.


Energy Boosts

When you are feeling down or very tired, acai berries can help. This superfood cleanses the body and leaves you with more energy and a better metabolism. It also flushes out your system letting you feel better and healthier.


Improves Your Immune System

According to the culture, certain compounds in acai specifically the polyphenolic compound can help reduce malfunctioning cells by 86% causing you to be with better cells and a healthier immune system.


Helps with Weight Loss

Acai Bowls help with weight loss because it is a healthy alternative to fast food or fatty snacks. This superfood also limits cravings as well reduces fat deposits in the body.


Allows Better Sleep

When you have a healthy body and better metabolism, you are prone to earning an increased amount of exercise during the day. As you receive more exercise you become more tired allowing you to sleep better during the night.