Students Walk Out Against Gun Control

Students across the nation walk out of class March 14th for 17 minutes of silence for 17 victims of Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Julia Smyth

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On March 14 at 10am students across the US walked out of class to tribute 17 minutes of silence for the 17 victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. The Stoneman Douglas school shooting was just a month prior on April 14, leaving families and others heartbroken. Students have been speaking out about the matter, their goal being to change gun laws. Part of this is commemorating the victims Stoneman Douglas lost on March 14.

At OLP, many girls walked out of their Block B class to North Terrace where pictures of each victim were taped to th

e doors. A sign read “NEVER AGAIN.” in reference to the shooting. Students were passing out orange ribbons to pin to shirts or sweatshirts to show they stand with the victims.

When interviewing girls on why they walked out, one said “I believe it was my opportunity as a kid to stand up for something I believe in and show my support.” Another said “I came out to North Terrace to take 17 minutes to pray for each victim’s families and loved ones. I felt the need to show my support and stand with the victims.”

Stoneman Douglas Students Speak Out on Gun Violence

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