Stanko travels to South Africa

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While most people spent their holidays in New York, Hawaii, or D.C., Ms. Stanko was spending her spring break embracing the sun and beaches of South Africa. She and her boyfriend, Eric, and his family arrived and stayed in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. While there, they drove up and down the coast, shopped in touristy areas, and basked in the warm weather. Why South Africa? Well, Ms. Stanko’s boyfriend’s Step-Father had lived there for a year, long ago. Ever since leaving, he had wanted to go back to visit and so he and his family invited Ms. Stanko to join them. This trip was definitely amazing and Ms. Stanko would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable and scenic vacation. She especially enjoyed the house that she stayed in, which had only doors and hammocks, leaving a view that can only be described as alluring. Ms. Stanko was also given the chance to spend a night at a dinner filled with indigenous foods from all over South Africa. Her favorite food was at a place called “Gold” and had a 14-course meal of local dishes from all over the continent of Africa. They also had Ms. Stanko’s favorite dish of Moroccan Cous Cous. She really enjoyed this dinner because “we were able to take a little bit of many countries, and they did a drum and dance performance while were were eating, so the ambiance was great as well”. Another great food that Ms. Stanko was able to try and eat a lot of was Biltong (South Africa’s version of Beef Jerky). All in all, the trip was amazing and Ms. Stanko would definitely recommend it to others looking for an exhilarating vacation.

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