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Julia Lamas

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Reggae music is a type of healing potion – it brings happiness to a dreary day, builds bridges between divided people, and can provide the right vibe for any type of get together. I have the pleasure of saying that I have gotten to experience the blossoming of a homegrown reggae/dub band. Consisting of Sean Dixon (singer and bassist), George Thomas (secondary singer and guitarist), Jeremy Kern (saxophone), and Nico Lamas (drummer), Southbound ignited their reggae flame on August 28, 2011. And ever since, they have grown together as musicians, friends, and brothers: infecting everyone around them with their soothing sound and mesmerizing lyrics.

(left to right) George Thomas (secondary singer and guitarist) and Sean Dixon (lead singer and bassist) performing live at The Holding Company in San Diego

As an onlooker, I have been able to see this group of friends transition from an underground garage band to highly respected performers playing for crowds of screaming people. These boys have put in years of continuous work, practicing until their vocal chords are scratchy and their fingers are raw. Luckily, they have a stellar manager who has booked them over 100 shows where they have played carefully constructed setlists of their 60 or so original songs.

You may be asking “when will I get a chance to see these musical prodigies for myself?” As all four members are in different collegiate schools, they stick their music making to designated breaks and holidays. Not to fret! Southbound is known for their magical summer night gigs – whether at an outside venue in the warm air or in a bar, these boys never fail to impress their crowd. Often compared to well-known bands such as Sublime, Iration, and Pepper, Southbound has made a huge splash – as they are planning on going on tour within the next few years. I may be tad biased, having grown up with the boys – but I can guarantee that one listen will get you hooked! Keep an eye out for any Southbound gigs near you this summer – because the next time you hear of them, they’ll be heading southbound to the next town.

Check out the boys here!

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Local Music