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Goodbye and Good Luck

Coaches say farewell to the seniors as seasons come to a close

April 19, 2018

The school year comes to a close and it is a time when everyone begins to think about the Seniors, the memories that have been made, and how much they will be missed. Sports teams are a place for bonding and after four years, parting with players can be a monumental change and an emotional time.

The 2017-2018 soccer team has taken the world by storm, as many in the OLP community know. But this years team has a total of 11 seniors, about half the team. Mr. Paluso, one of the coaches of team, reflected that he was sad to see these players go.

“It hurts losing not only so many seniors, but both captains, the leadership, the skills and talents. I have grown close with these girls and I’ve been able to watch them bond as a team.”

But this time of change where the seniors are leaving the teams provides an opportunity to see what new players can bring. This is the time where everyone younger has to learn from the previous members, and step up because the teams will keep going with the newer members.

This upcoming year, there will be pressure on the new Varsity soccer team because of their success this season, and in the 2018-2019 season they will be placed in D1, the highest division. Mr. Paluso has high hopes for next year and said “We will be ok. Even though we are losing amazing players, I’m excited for the new talent coming in.”

When asked what he would want to tell his seniors who played their last high school team soccer match not to long ago, he said: “I want them all to know that I am extremely proud of all the work they put in, but more proud of the example they set for the team and the legacy they established and that how they have made a change in what OLP soccer is about. These created something amazing and I want them to know that they made a difference on this campus.”

Many other coaches reflected with thoughts similar to these. Girls at OLP have made an impact on the coaches life, and in the same way the coaches have made an impact on the girls. Teams bond over the years, teammates become close, and as the last game comes to a close tears begin to form as a player realizes that she will no longer be playing next to the girls she has known and played with for years.

She will no longer pass the ball to the one who know all of her moves like her own, she will not run a relay with a girl who knows how to do a handoff like no one else, she will not swing her racket in a doubles match with a girl she knows has her back. These girls will be leaving their partners in crime; but they will leave changed. They will depart from the OLP fields, courts, and tracks in order to achieve a new dream. 

And as these girls soar high, they will never forget their coaches and the girls that have a difference in their lives. Goodbye seniors, and good luck.

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