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Pilots Take: The Nazareth Farm

Mr.White, Cherry Wahba, Paulina Tessada, Catalina Castro, Ciana Yates, Macy Kalla, Lauren Eis, Mrs.Wilson

Mr.White, Cherry Wahba, Paulina Tessada, Catalina Castro, Ciana Yates, Macy Kalla, Lauren Eis, Mrs.Wilson

Mr.White, Cherry Wahba, Paulina Tessada, Catalina Castro, Ciana Yates, Macy Kalla, Lauren Eis, Mrs.Wilson

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This spring break, 6 OLP Pilots accompanied by Mr.White and Mrs.Wilson, had the opportunity to visit the Nazareth Farm in Doddridge, West Virginia. Students set out to work in 30-40 degree weather and were even lucky enough to see it snow! They were able to experience a service-retreat following the four cornerstones of The Nazareth Farm: community, simplicity, prayer, and service.

The girls ready to saw some wood

Community: Students were able to experience community by always working, praying, and spending free time together in groups. The Nazareth Farm explains in their website that “Rather than shop at large stores like Wal-Mart and Lowes for our food and supplies, we give our support to small and locally-owned businesses.”  To enhance the feeling of community, free time was spent playing board games and having group discussions reflecting on their time at the Farm.

Simplicity: The retreat started out by turning off phones, since there was no service and Nazareth Farm encourages disconnecting. Lights are limited and the farm would go on energy fasts, shutting off breakers so there was no energy and no flushing toilets, leaving everyone to go to the bathroom in the outhouses. Three showers are allowed throughout the week of the retreat, one being an indoor shower and the remaining two take place in an outhouse with one five-gallon buckets. An interesting thing the Nazareth farm encouraged was no clocks. If one had a watch, they were encouraged to take them off to live a bit more in the moment. 

“Simplicity was a major cornerstone for me, in the sense that it opened my eyes to see how much I am given, compared to others who have to work so hard and still don’t have much.” Macy Kalla ’19

Prayer: Prayer was integrated every day, before and after meals, and when leaving and returning from the days work. The Nazareth Farm is a Catholic organization, which focuses on promoting Catholic Social Teaching. 

Service: Students were put into small groups and went out everyday to work on different projects such as building walls, a staircase, and handicap accessible ramps for homes. The Nazareth Farm aids low-income homeowners repair damaged parts of their home. Being able to lend a hand in repairing homes of people in need is a great way to live out the the principle of CST: life and dignity of the human person. Every person deserves to live in a home in which they are protected from outside harm or rough weather. The CST theme of preferential option for the poor and vulnerable is also a principle being lived out in this retreat, as participants work to give victims of economic inequality a comfortable home. 

Overall this trip was absolutely amazing and life changing. From meeting new people, to using outhouses, to creating those life long friendships, I would 100% recommend this trip.”

— Macy Kalla '19

We recommend you look into the immersion trips our school has to offer! Step into a different reality and help communities in need while making new friendships and strengthening old ones!

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Pilots Take: The Nazareth Farm