A Night to Remember Prom

San Diego Prom Committed to Giving Special Needs Students a Night to Remember!

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Last Friday, April 27th, students from all over San Diego, including many of our fellow OLP classmates, attended the annual A Night to Remember Prom. A Night to Remember is a Prom dedicated to honoring 15-22 year-olds with special needs, such as Down Syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy. These students are called the “Honored Guests,” and are paired up with San Diego high school students who serve as their hosts. The Honored Guests are gifted with typical prom essentials, and are given a limo ride leading to a red carpet that they enter on to the Prom. The night is devoted to making the Honored Guests feel like rock stars and making sure they have the time of their lives!

The night began as the hosts paired up with the Honored Guests. From there, the Honored Guests were taken through preparation stations. The girls were able to get their makeup and hair done, and pick out their own tiaras, necklaces, and corsages. The boys picked out boutonnieres and had the option to get their hair styled, as well. After all the guests were ready to go, the pairs took prom pictures, and then entered their limos that would take them to the red carpet! Surrounding the red carpet were the friends, family members, and other supporters of the Honored Guests, cheering on their loved ones as they entered the Prom on the red carpet. Honored Guest, Alexander, said after running down the red carpet and receiving a handful of high-fives, “I feel like a rockstar!”

The rest of the night consisted of dancing, eating Chik-fil-A, making new friends, and taking photos in the PhotoBooth. Everyone had a blast and it was surely a night to remember. Honored Guest, Christian, said as the night came to a close, “This was probably the best night of my life. I had the most magical time.” However, it was not only a fantastic experience for the Honored Guests; Geneva Pfeifer, who served as a student host, also commented, “The dance was truly a humbling experience to be able to interact with these awesome people who are our age, and looking to have fun on their special Prom night. I honestly can’t wait to participate again next year, and I encourage all other high schoolers to do the same!”

To find more information about A Night to Remember Prom, visit: http://anighttorememberprom.com !

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