The Addam’s Family Comes to OLP

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The OLP Drama department put on an amazing show this April- The Addam’s Family! With six great shows, the cast and crew pleased their crowds. Mr. Tracy did a wonderful job directing the show and building the sets. As a regular OLP productions audience member, I can honestly say this was the best show I have seen. Not just because of the choice of The Addam’s Family, but each actor/actress did their part so well. It was honestly as if each character was made with the respected actor in mind.

The funny, heartwarming story of the young Lucas and Wednesday bringing together their two very different families kept the crowd giggling and “aww”ing all night. While each character had their differences with another, in the end everyone found a happy medium.


Dana Adcock took the role of Alice, the mother of Lucas (or Wednesday’s boyfriend). Let me just tell you… the energy in this role was phenomenal. She played the role of an energetic mom from Ohio better than a real mom from Ohio would! On top of this, Molly Schroeder had the crowd laughing constantly as Lurch. The stilts lurching (wink) her a solid two feet above everyone else and her amazing make up really made the style complete.

Hannah Covington, a crew member, described the experience as such: “When we work on a show, we become a family. We spend more time together than we do at home, but it’s because we love what we are doing and because we are passionate about theatre and performance. It has become a place where different people can come together and make something beautiful.”

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