BeYOUtiful Conference 2018

Diana Arce

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The girls meeting with their small groups before starting the day.

On Saturday, April 21 the Academy of Our Lady of Peace held its 5th annual BeYOUtiful Conference. This is a conference which invites 5th-7th grade girls from all over the San Diego Diocese to participate in the girl empowerment workshops. BeYOUtiful itself is a club at OLP that started as an initiative to empower girls and help them rise to their full potential. Every year the BeYOUtiful club hosts the conference and prepares activities that promote positive self-esteem and confidence for girls facing the struggles of adolescence.

Marissa Grace ’21 kicked off the day with a performance.

The theme of the conference this year was “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” inspired by Dr. Seuss. The activities planned and the guest speaker focused on themes regarding one’s potential to succeed in the future and growing into what one aspires to be.  

The girls who attended the conference were assigned to small groups and rotated between five different stations. The stations were STOP, Flower Pot, Relay Race, Women in the World Scavenger Hunt, and Oh, the Places You’ll Go. At the STOP station the girls watched a skit once to observe and then once more where the opportunity to interact and “stop” it everytime they believed something should have been handled differently. The skit highlighted difficult situations girls their age face like bullying and low self-esteem so, they were able to discuss the importance of being kind not only to others, but to themselves as well. At the Flower Pot station, the girls received a pot, filled it with soil, and planted their own flower which symbolized having a strong foundation and the capability to bloom into something beautiful. At the Relay Race station, the emphasis was placed on teamwork to remind them that it is important to empower others instead of putting them down. The goal of the scavenger hunt in the library was to teach the girls about prominent female figures in history and acknowledge the wide variety of professions they have excelled in–something they are capable of doing as well. Finally at the Oh, the Places You’ll Go station the girls discussed their dreams and aspirations with the other girls in their small group to get to know each other better.

Additionally, 8th graders that have been admitted to OLP had the opportunity to attend the event and shadow one of the group leaders. This was a great way for the “leaders-in-training” to experience what a student-organized event is like here at the Academy.

The day ended around noon and the 300 girls who participated from about 45 different elementary schools left campus with a boost to their confidence.

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