In It to Win It

Ana Alvarez '19

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Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? Let me tell you, our campus loves it! One of the most important events of September at the Academy is All in for OLP. Every year OLP holds a school fundraiser to aid the campus. The funds go towards renovations on our campus to make it an even better learning environment for the students, aid our teachers and counselors, along with providing us with Cutting-edge technology. This exciting fundraiser also inspires a bit of competition between the classes by offering exciting prizes to get students involved such as a class Foam Party. You might be wondering, what exactly is all our money going towards? All in for OLP in the past has raised money to buy new furniture for our classrooms and help upgrade the Event Center floor as well as the weight room. It has also allowed for new renovations for Carondelet Halland helped improve our campus security. Not to mention the creation of new athletic teams such as water polo, equestrian, and archery. Essentially all the money we raise benefits us and the many generations of OLP girls to come. We are excited to see what this year’s fundraiser does for our wonderful campus.I sat with Nicole Bruno ‘19 and asked her what giving to All in for OLP meant to her. She responded:  “I donate to school fundraisers such as All in for OLP because I believe in the power of our education here at OLP, and love to give back to the wonderful community that cultivates it. As a result, actively participating in All in for OLP is a vital aspect of our development as students.”

What everyone is most excited about participating for is the amazing prizes OLP will be giving to the classes this year. When students donate $25 or more, not only do they get their very own All in for OLP shirt, their name is also entered in a raffle where they can win prizes ranging from gifts cards to Miss OLP tickets. The class prize for the class that raises the most money and has 100% participation is a FOAM PARTY! Not only do you get to spend a couple hours with your friends in a foam pit, you are also provided with delicious food and the chance to miss your last block of the day.

The drive to participate and win the foam party is infectious! Girls run around the school trying to find every penny they can to donate towards their class and boost up their total. Friends everywhere donate for other friends who forgot to bring their money, students are seen digging through their backpack to find the any loose change they can find in order to win that amazing prize for their class. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition between the classes to get students to start donating. And last but not least if the entire school gets 100% participation, they are rewarded with an extra day off during Thanksgiving break. Although we love these sweet prizes, this fundraiser is to help our lovely school