A Colorful Week Preparing for Homecoming

After a week of preparing for the big event, OLP shows their true color and sisterhood on the awaited Homecoming night.

Isabella Esparza '21

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This week, the OLP society  came together to express their unity by getting ready for OLP’s first ever Homecoming.  Each day of the week is expressed by the colors of our journey that will lead us to homecoming, starting from Ground Zero on Monday to Flying Home on Friday. It was a week full of excitement and celebration, counting down the days for the big event. On Monday, the theme was “Magma Monday”.  Everyone was to wear red add-ons, following with blue add-ons for “Tubular Tuesday.” After that, the students wore green for “Wilderness Wednesday”, and yellow for “Thaw-out Thursday.” After a week of fun with activities such as Wacky Wednesday, where the students got to participate in games against the other classes, what better way to finish of Spirit Week than wearing all white on “Fly home Friday.”  I interviewed Mariela, a very spirited pilot on campus. She said, “Spirit represents who we are as a student body, so being able to represent that with add ons is an incredible showcase of who we are. Everyday I wore my add ons even if they didn’t quite match my entire outfit.” Wearing the add-ons became a very important part of spirit week for the pilots, because it is the visual representation of spirit. As the students were preparing for the marvelous homecoming event on Saturday, everyone participated in the spirit week pep rally on Friday. This whole week was about the pilots showing their true colors and spirit, in every way possible.

At the pep rally, tension rose as the cheers grew louder and the event center was filled with jumping and cheering students. The real meaning of “spirit” was all over the event center, from teachers and students participating in fun games to even the alumni of OLP participating in multiple games! This was a special moment for the alumni because they were “coming home.” And how can we forget the best part, when all of the classes present their class cheers, accompanied by our cheerleaders, filled with spirit, pride, and joy. Mariela Lopez Oviedo, class of 2019, quoted, “I think the best day of the week was Friday because of the assembly. Everyone was so spirited, the cheerleaders did an amazing job and so did the dance team! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend homecoming but throughout the week all it was was homecoming talk and everyone was so excited and eager to buy their tickets on time. I love how the alumni of OLP were invited to participate in one of the activities with the basketball, bouncy ball race, oreo eating competition, and kicking ball relay along with students and faculty. I think it’s important to show spirit before a big event because it gives off a hyped-up feeling. When I saw how happy, spirited and excited everyone was about homecoming, I was excited for OLP and everyone who was going to attend.”   As the week came to an end, it was time to “fly home” and get ready for the big homecoming event on Saturday night!