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Emma Ferguson '19

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OLP students rallied together as a community in the last year to get our own homecoming dance. This new dance is truly one for the history books, seeing as it is the first of many to come. The administration and alumna, according to Ms. Antolin, had never really thought of or worked towards OLP having our own homecoming dance until this past year when many students were heard, wishing and asking for the opportunity to host their own Homecoming dance. Future students will no longer miss out on the opportunity to experience a homecoming.  

After the staff and administration heard and recognized students’ requests, they sent out the survey asking how many of the current sophomores, juniors and seniors wished to create this iconic high school dance. Staff, Faculty, and Administration were delighted to see that 86% were in favor of doing so! In response to this call for the formation of homecoming, the Founder’s Council and the class leadership teams started planning and formulating ideas over the summer in order to make this historic event enjoyable and memorable for all the students attending. As early as July, the leadership team had the vision for the dance and pep rally, along with the venues and different elements to include for this history-making dance! All the ASB and link crew leaders worked tirelessly alongside the faculty and administration in order to design this momentous moment.

The overall student body desire to attend this event was astounding; between 750 and 770 tickets were bought for the dance, and at one week before Homecoming, the tickets were sold out! The ASB class prepared an amazing pep rally that took place the day before the dance, and included games that brought together current students, alumni and the faculty in a fun celebration of our school spirit, and wonderful performances by our amazing cheer and dance teams. The OLP Homecoming was held the next day, September 15, at Party Pals in Sorrento Valley and included a dance floor, casino games, pinball machines, ping pong,as well as live entertainment. At one point, a magician even went around to groups and performed mind-blowing close-up magic.

As successful as the first Homecoming was, we are already looking at what more can be done to make the experience even better. For future dances, OLP would like to include and invite more alumni to the participate in the Pep Rally alongside the current members of our community. We can look forward to making the dance a true “homecoming” of past generations at OLP, by including them in the Pep Rally, and the correlation of the alumni weekend and the homecoming dance. Also, the correlation of an OLP sports game to preclude Homecoming, much like the Homecoming Football game that is familiar to many other high schools, is something that is in the works for next year. The future of OLP Homecoming is shaping up to be a celebration of school and all its achievements. For more information on the Pep rally check out the article on page __.