Club Leadership & Goals

Student’s leadership and responsibility in clubs for the 2018-2019 school year.

Mariela Lopez-Oviedo '19

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OLP clubs in all forms represent a combination of past, present, and future students’ visions of what have, is and could be. The first week of September was kicked off with a great way for student to explore the various ways they can express their likes, creativity, passions and hard work from responsibilities with the Club Expo. During this week, over 60 clubs were represented. Students have the choice to be club members or strive to become club leaders. It takes a lot of responsibility to run a club. Some of the traits include dedication, strong communication, and commitment.


One of the major responsibilities a club leader has is to run a table at the Club Expo and promote their clubs’ goals and increase their number in membership. There’s a variety of clubs that focus on topics such as social justice, community service, visual and performing arts, STEM, and entertainment! Every year these clubs get a new opportunity to gain new ideas and new goals.


“The goal for the [Architects of Change] club’s third year is to expand it to student body and get more people to get to know campus loving humanity forward in community,” said Maggie Brady ‘19, former President of Architects of Change.


“Last year we were a class and this year since we are not a class anymore we’re going to try to meet more times after school, not only during school so we can get more people interested so the club can continue on more years. The people who have been involved mostly these past years are leaving, so we just really want more interest for the club to stay alive,” said Elizabeth Esquivel ‘19, co-President of Ballet Folklorico.


It’s not only goals that clubs intend to accomplish for the year. There is so much more things that each club offers that makes them unique such as forming service and art projects. Some even have pledges and conferences like the Humans 4 Humanity club and the BeYOUtiful Project.


“One thing we are looking forward for the club is to have as many people be a a part of it and know what our message is about and what we type of mark we would like to leave on this campus. We at H4H believe that everyone deserves a right to have fun and feel safe while at school and everywhere they go for that matter. The more people know about our mission and the club’s goals the faster we can end bullying and make our school,and eventually the world, a safer and better place for everyone,” said Anagloria Portillo-Vega ‘19, co-President of Humans for Humanity.


“I’m looking forward to planning and experiencing my last and our fifth [BeYOUtiful] conference. I’m also looking forward to meeting our guest speaker Troy Mullins in the fall because she’s amazing and inspires a lot of people. But I am most excited to be working with all of the leadership team and growing together and expanding our leadership skills,” said Alexa Apodaca ‘19, co-Vice President of the BeYOUtiful Project.


From making new friends to maintaining a commitment, clubs have it all. Whether it’s joining a STEM or service club, there will definitely be something for everyone to love, and who knows, you could be the next leader to run a successful club.