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Unsung Heroes: Pilot Cafe Edition

Gabriella Nechita '20

October 27, 2018

Not all heroes wear capes

Sisters Coming Together at Retreat

Julia Smyth & Julia Lamas

January 30, 2018

                    After Christmas break, OLP Seniors lugged their suitcases onto buses for their first retreat experience as a full class -- a warm hello to second semester. The retreat, formulated after the Gre...

Sneak Peek Into Saints

Sneak Peek Into Saints

Emily Lujan '19 and Darlene Villalobos '19

October 14, 2015

Are the Saint Augustine frosh really looking fresh? The following stories from the 2019 class say otherwise:   “Well, I was walking to my locker while talking to my friend and then I hit the wall… I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” - Evan Sprague ‘19   Ouch. Ho...

Los Angeles 2015 World Special Olympics

Los Angeles 2015 World Special Olympics

Lily Lucero ‘18

October 5, 2015

We took our seats, and cheered as all of the athletes from all across the globe began to fill the stadium.

Must-Have Christmas List

Francheska Salazar, Staff Writer

December 17, 2014

1. Reindeer Onesie (or any other onesie that has a ridiculous Christmas design) 2. Slippers (socks work but are not as effective at warming feet up) 3. Cookies (make sure to make an extra batch the night before and hide it so that Santa doesn't eat them) 4. Milk (this must be whole milk because I...

Celebrating the Holidays in San Diego

Lorena Ramirez, Maria Renné Ruiz, and Anitza Velazquez

December 17, 2014

Ice Skate at Horton Plaza in Sycuan’s Fantasy on Ice Ever wish you could be ice skating at Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center during the Christmas time? Don’t you worry! San Diego has its own version! Here at Horton Plaza, enjoy an afternoon with friends and family while you enjoy the cold of th...

December Nights 2014

December Nights 2014

Marin Musicant, Staff Writer

December 2, 2014

This year the 36th annual December Nights Festival will kick off on December 5th and end on December 6th. December Nights is known to be a huge festival with lights, food, and Christmas spirit. This festival is San Diego’s introduction to the upcoming Christmas season. It takes place near the downtown...

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