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Gabriella Nechita was born in Tucson, Arizona. English has always been one of her favorite subjects and she absolutely loves writing, especially creative writing. When she's not busy with schoolwork, volunteering and her extracurriculars (Mock Trial, Speech & Debate Team, Carondelet Circle, Women's Symposium leadership, being a Confirmation Leader, etc.), you will find her either singing, writing, or dancing. Music practically flows through her veins, so don't be surprised if you hear her humming out of nowhere or see her dancing for no reason. She loves anything Disney, Marvel and DC (except for the DC movies)... and also glitter (there is a reason "Sparkle Queen" is one of her nicknames). She's always kind to everyone and wants everyone to "love yourself." :)

Gabriella Nechita, Staff Writer

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Gabriella Nechita